MAHE is a tiny point in the Geographical map of kerala. the million earner for the distant Puducherry Gov-ernment, 625 Kms away from Puducherry. In this former small French Town which covers an area of 9 Sq.kms, over 40,000 inhabitants live in peace. This petit French town is situated on the west coast of the Indian Peninsula between Badagara and Thalassery, 59Kms From Kozhi¬kode, 24 Kms from Kannur in Kerala State and is a busy trade centre, which enjoys tax concessions of Central Gov¬ernment.

As consequent to the current political policies, the State and Central Government are mini¬mising their stakes in the services sector such as health. Education and production. Such a political situation has brought in a kind of intertia and feel of uncertainty about future amongst the educated youths as a whole in our society which is intended to address the current problems faced by the younger generation. In order to equip the youth to cope with the modern era, the society has decided to concen¬trate to tax the unfathomable possibilities in the field of Information Technology by producing high-tech professionals who are capable to meet the global demand.